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Thursday, January 22, 2015

Campus Ministry Preparations...ongoing

This past week scheduled the review of program docs and their anticipated update: I suspect I'll be engaged in this process for a while, but here's where it's at right now.

I scheduled time to update my book, Smarter Romance. A major complaint: it's too cerebral (?) and wordy. I'm trying to slim it and tone it down; make it more reader friendly. It's a fail-safe dating and courting system. Progress is being made. I'll need another week of catch as catch can time slots. I do suspect, despite my best effort, it'll remain more of a class text book than an easy-to-read pocket manual--
Upper SW Campus, Colorado School of Mines
eighty pages and a short stack of practical addendum. It's a super concept. (Tooting my own horn.) I plan to teach through it several times in the NW Denver burbs and with Colorado School of Mines students. We'll see.

I reviewed the mentoring program's documents. The initial review spotted dated elements. I've also decided to create a small program board. It'll probably be comprised of 3-5 educator-engineer-business types who catch and share this vision: offering value-focused insights and market-specific skills to transitioning young engineers and entrepreneurs. Interested? In the meantime, I'm gathering the names of some self-selecting mentor candidates. We'll need to come up with a new program name. As it is now it's got a University of Denver focus. 

I'm taking a hard look at all the documents for the divorce support group, Collegians Addressing Issues Related to Divorce (CAIRD). The need for the support is there; I've already heard that loud and clear from students. The plan is to make it known through several local churches,  CSM Pan-Hellenic groups, officially recognized faith-based campus ministries, and word of mouth. 

Last Friday afternoon I met with the front-range area team for Campus Ambassadors. As I updated that team, I rehearsed a statement I have now made several times this past month. “All of this passion, effort and strategic planning is merely academic unless I can get my financial support underwritten.”

Your strategic concern targeted through your focused game changer! (James 5:16b)

That's Dialogues for today.


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