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Monday, December 31, 2012

A Friendly New Year's Challenge

Fun family warmth at home
I'm admittedly uncomfortable with what's happened and is still happening to marriage--and to families. Actually, the concept of marriage, itself, is in fine shape; people still love the idea and want what it has historically provided. But it's the people: We just can't seem to do it anymore. 

Yes, I mean us, and people just like us, "You-n-me, baby," and our kids, who are struggling. And I routinely hear a not so secret (never unique) and very characteristic set of rationalizing themes. In the disillusionment, discouragement, and what I'll call dissolution-ment, partners verbally re-write their story: "Oh, we never should have got married"..."We got sucked into it"..."We're just so different"..."We just 'fell out' of love"..."We changed"..."We realize now that we were too young and stupid"..."We just never REALLY loved each other....and more yada, yada, yada. You get the idea.

Why? What's happening here!

It's a variety of things---and something quite nefarious. In reference to the "lot of things" category let me refer you to Daniel Cere's absolutely marvelous article. I challenge you to read through it. It's prophetic! You'll see what I mean.

Then, under the category of "it's something," I refer you to a Biblical perspective illustrated in 1 Timothy 4:1 and again in 2 Timothy 4:3ff.  The Apostle Paul refers to A SPIRIT-- not to be mistaken for the Holy Third Person of the Trinity, either! Yes, we're talking about spiritual deception, seduction, confusion, and self-alienation, etc. All of it bad stuff for sure!

So, read through Cere's article, and if you find yourself struggling with any of this stuff...give me a call (720-350-2992). You need some support. Promise yourself you'll get that support for this New Year 2013. We've gotta hang together because this short sojourn we refer to as "life" isn't the whole story...IT'S JUST THE PRELUDE!!