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Saturday, May 19, 2012

Her name is Abby Baumbach (click the "Abby" link below to see her picture). I had coffee with her earlier this week, and wow, was that ever a lot of fun! We met at the recommendation of a common friend--someone else with whom we have more than a little bit in common, and someone you'll appreciate when you read what I'm about to say. She's going to be directing a brand new start-up of a collegiate ministry effort at the University of Denver this coming fall. She'll be working under the auspices of Mission Door--the same organization that brought Judi and I to Denver in 1980. See...I told you; that's fun, huh.

Yup, it's the DU campus!
Here's a little side note. Six weeks ago I had lunch with Rick Miller, the Executive Director of Missions Door. Why? Because Judi and I are "flipping stones" as we prayerfully ask the question, "Lord God, is there a special place where you want us to serve you through the next 10-15 years of our lives?" So, I had called Rick to discuss potential opportunities that MIGHT exist "out there" in the collegiate arena with Missions Door. During that lunch discussion he mentioned Abby and the anticipated start-up of a brand new ministry effort at the University of Denver. Then Abby called me late last week to set-up a "let's get acquainted" coffee time. She wanted to meet me and to hear what I could tell her about my own "start-up" experience at DU, let me (very happily!) rehearse some of my ministry experiences there, and then talk "shop."  

So, where do you think this is all going to go from here--GOD ONLY KNOWS. The proverbial "fly in the ointment" for anybody considering an initial ministry effort like this---or "a second time around" type effort---is that of raising the necessary financial support. It was no small challenge for Judi and I to make it happen in the late 70's and early 80's, and it would certainly be no less the challenge now. And we wouldn't want to even consider doing such a thing unless we were certain our Lord was orchestrating the whole thing. In the meantime, pray for Abby as she works to finish raising the bulk of her support between now and this Fall.

So, what are your thoughts? I'll value your feedback.