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Monday, June 24, 2013

A Promontory Challenge

Haystack Rock, Cannon Beach, Oregon
A lot of open beach and one BIG rock!
Appropriately called Haystack Rock this huge chunk of old lava casts a tall shadow on one of Oregon's most scenic beaches. I suspect the length of the beach stretching North and South from its promontory totals perhaps three miles. It's that space, punctuated by this big central rock, that makes its presence both imposing and magnetic. It beckons people and it looms taller and more imposing with each encroaching step.

The noble quest I am embarking on right now influences me in much the same way Haystack Rock influences the people of Cannon Beach. I feel God's call to begin a creative ministry on the Colorado School of Mines (CSM) campus in Golden, CO. The size of the financial challenge to raise the necessary monthly support looms tall above me--just like that Rock. 

And here's a thought...If I was young, maybe in my thirties or forties, I'd have time on my side. As things are--the mature, vital, and strategic age of 66+!--triggers my resolve to address the support-raising challenge head-on and very efficiently--and comparatively quickly!

So, as things are right now, I have run the beach and stand squarely at the Rock's base. I am about to begin picking my way up and up its scraggy face step-by-very careful step. Perhaps within the next nine months, God willing, I will joyously plant my victory flag atop its crusted old crown...and survey the expanse of open beach below. easily said, but it still looms above me as we speak. 

Reading this blog you probably know something of my strengths and old friend? By the grace of God I have "learned to learn" from many of my failures--and even now not yet all of them. Nevertheless, I am excited to have a huge cache of tools and a tall list of skills to bring to the CSM community. But I know this is a "we" challenge, one that will demand a team effort from its start. It will be seasoned with the spices of self-sacrifice for us all. Where and how it will take me--us--toward the future's finish (II Timothy 4:8)? It's something only God knows.

Please prayerfully, purposefully, join me in this quest to lovingly influence men and women in the name of Jesus Christ on the Colorado School of Mines campus. Right now my need is: 1) For your prayers as I put together a creative and strategic accountability team to help me get there; and 2) for your monthly financial commitments. (Please go to my Missions Door web site to sign-up...thanks!)

Next time I will address several questions I suspect will be asked about my quest. For example, "Yup, you're not a young buck any more, so how do you expect to relate effectively to these 20-something men and women!?"

That should be fun.