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Monday, August 1, 2016

Those Bumps In the Night?

Hi. We can do this. Help me.
I wish I could tell you I wasn't scared.

I got lost in the woods once, with a friend, a long time ago, and that's a long story. I wasn't scared then. I am now.

There's a lot that rides on my effort raising the monthly $$$ I need to be on campus at Mines full-time this fall. It's when I think about the opportunity to reach into young lives with friendship, sincere mercy, grace--and some tasty hot cocoa on a cold Colorado winter afternoon. Not being able to do that, well, that's when I feel...scared.  

I feel it when...well, when I know people don't respond to team up financially with me...just $25/month...and lots of partners! Lord knows,  I'm not independently wealthy; I can't do this by myself!

I feel it when...well, when I have to remind myself that for every tenth person who decides to share this marvelous burden with me, nine have said--one way or another--"No."

I feel it...well, considering how God has tooled n schooled me--and well! All good stuff. Those skills, hard fought and effective. Plus the school of time and, wow, that uncomfortable honing. My heart hungers to capitalize it all--to sow these seeds into younger lives, to watch them grow. And that's when I feel it...scared. 

I feel it again, remembering now two summers ago, looking down deep into tearing eyes. A young Mines engineer, at school for a degree, with his brother, but at home his mom ran away--ran away! Broke their dad's heart--and of course his n his brothers. A hurt I've salved many times before.   

 I know it. I know getting there will be about sacrifice. Life and the Gospel are both that way. New life comes in dying...and that's hard. So, I get scared. That nobody else wants to feel that discomfort to help me save lives. And yes, it is indeed a partnership.

Nope. My friend n I, long ago, we weren't lost for long--about eight hours. It was what it was, then we were found. It wasn't scary. But God's got people at Mines. He knows where they are, and he want's us to find them. It's really scary--if we don't. 

Please, join me.

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And that's Dialogues...but just for today.